Winter 2024 Course Art Materials List - Mosta – Art Academy Direct
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Winter 2024 Course Art Materials List - Mosta

Children's Art and Crafts Course (Ages 4 to 5)

Children's Art and Crafts Course (Ages 6 to 8)


Children's Art Course (Ages 9 to 12) - Mosta Only 


    Preparation for O-level Course (Ages 12) - Module 1


    O-level Art Course (Ages 13+)


    Fantasy Art, Manga & Creativity Course (Adults)


    Character and Creature Design Course (Ages 11 - 17)

    Pottery & Ceramic Glazing Course for Beginners (Adults)


    Pottery & Ceramic Glazing Open Class (16+) - Intermediate/Advanced


      Watercolour & Ink Course - Beginners/Intermediate (Adults)

      The following watercolour pads are those suggested as best by the teacher. You can select one, in your preferred size. Feel free to ask for guidance from the teacher during the first lesson or one of our staff members.


      Drawing & Painting Classes - Beginners/Intermediate (Adults)

      As students are choosing their preferred medium and will all be at different levels, please do not purchase everything on the list.  If you are just starting out, we suggest bringing stationery items, and a sketchbook to your first lesson and the teacher will guide you on what to bring next.

      Suggested list:

      Stationary items (pencils, eraser, sharpener)



      Acrylic Painting


      Watercolour Painting