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Gedeo Bio-based Glazing Resin Kit 45ml


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This kit is ideal for beginning your creative activities with epoxy resin. This professional range of bio-based resins is an inexhaustible source of creation. This 40% biosourced resin is safer and more environmentally friendly than other glazing resins.

For use on flat surfaces, such as cards, photos, postcards, canvas and more. Pebeo Bio Glazing Resin creates a glossy, transparent, bubble-free and enamel-look finish on top of your work, adding texture and slight magnifying effect. This makes it ideal for card-making, badge-making, boxes, souvenirs and scrapbooking. Perfect for Mixed Media art. Easy to use, and creates perfectly rounded edges. Quick setting and hard once dried.

The semi-liquid texture of the Glazing Resin is ideal to give relief to flat surfaces but will also allow you to draw by working with pipettes.

Kit contains: 2 part resin system (1 x 30ml Resin and 1 x 15ml Hardener), protective gloves, a wooden stirrer and a guide for use.