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Fine Art Conservation

MIKA Conservation specializes in the restoration and conservation of fine art from across the centuries, of both national significance and private worth.

Each artwork presents a wide range of conservation challenges. The materials and techniques used are of highest possible standards and highly ethical.


Painting Conservation

MIKA Conservation undertakes an extraordinary variety and complexity of work on easel paintings including:

  • Cleaning of dirt layers
  • Varnish removal
  • Removal of over-paintings
  • Structural work on canvases
  • Consolidation of flaking paint
  • Tear mending
  • Lining and strip lining
  • Retouching and varnishing

We also undertake the conservation of watercolour paintings, drawings and prints, including cleaning and treatment. Furthermore, appropriate mounting and framing is done which is critical for both presentation and the well-being of the item.

Frame Conservation

Frames can be enhanced by restoration. It is common for a decorated and delicate surface of a frame to have suffered some damage or wear and tear over the years. MIKA Conservation offers the conservation of the frame while respecting the original surface and integrity of the frame.

Framing and Museum Glass

Framing services are provided with various styles of frames available, ranging from modern to a more classical style. These frames can also be altered to the needs of your painting, with embellishments to replicate an antique frame.

Museum Glass® is offered which is a unique product, which provides clarity and protection to your artwork. It completely eliminates reflections, protecting the artwork from 99% of UV rays, while brightening the colours.

This guarantees the longevity of your artwork for decades to come, without effecting the aesthetic value.

Normal glass and non-reflective glass is also available.