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2.5" Badger Hair Blender Brush


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The production of this badger blender brush (lineo Series 500) has hardly changed since the 19th century. Both, the traditional method of production and the classic shape together with its excellent painting properties remain the same.

Genuine badger hair is characterized especially by its high elasticity, and its durability. The strong natural hair is slightly wavy. Characteristic for high-quality badger hair is also its distinctive colouring. A beautiful black-brown stripe is visible about a cm below the fine white tip. Towards the tip, it is one of the thickest hairs used for artist brushes. This gives a badger blender brush the slightly bushy shape.

Badger hair brushes are perfectly suitable for an even, smooth application of glazes, varnishes and oils. Among artists, they are appreciated for working with varnish, various imitation techniques such as graining & marbling but also for restoration.

Made in Germany.