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GAC-100 Multipurpose Acrylic Polymer 473ml

GAC-100 Multipurpose Acrylic Polymer 473ml

Golden Artist Colors

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Use Golden's GAC Mediums to achieve complete technical control over your acrylic paints and painting environment. GAC Mediums are the raw materials from which other acrylic mediums are created. Use them to modify the working characteristics and appearance of Golden Acrylics and other acrylic paints.

Golden's other acrylic mediums are a blend of GAC mediums, the raw polymers themselves, with each other, and with other structural elements such as gels or powdered marble dust.

GAC 100: Universal Acrylic Polymer — useful for diluting and extending colors, as well as increasing flexibility and film integrity. Wets out solids more readily than other polymers, and is useful for artists making their own paints.