Adults' Open Art Course

Adults' Open Art Course

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The Open Art Course for Adults is designed for adults who seek to improve their artistic techniques by learning the fundamental principles whilst having the freedom to select their preferred medium (e.g. acrylics or watercolours) and topic. Students will be introduced to the basic principles of art whilst stressing the technique of their chosen medium. 

The class will be lead by Maltese Artist Jackie Micallef. Jackie is well-known for her large vibrant abstracts and powerful textures, creating unique combinations in each artwork. 

This course is suitable for beginners and art groups are kept small to ensure individual attention and guidance. 

Course Details

  • Mode of Study: Once weekly (2 hours each lesson)
  • Duration: 8 lessons
  • Days: Thursday 9.30am to 12.30am
  • Starting Date: Thursday 18th June 2020
  • Location: Art Academy (131 Constitution Street, Mosta, Malta)
  • Requirements: Ages 18+, Art Materials
  • What’s Included: Hands-on teaching and individual attention


The classroom has a total area of 51m² and therefore as per social distancing policies we will only be accepting a total of 10 students per lesson. This allows all students to have a total of 2 metres distance between each other during the lesson. All tables and chairs are disinfected after each lesson.

Students are asked to wear their mask/visor upon entering Art Academy and use hand sanitizer. Students may only remove masks once seated at the desk. Whilst masks may be removed due to adequate distance, we still highly recommend that students wear the masks or visors during the lessons. 

If students need to leave their desk at any point during the lesson, they are asked to wear the mask or visor once again.