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Encaustic Stylus with 2 hotbrushes

Encaustic Stylus with 2 hotbrushes

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Use this low heat tool to melt wax as desired (wax not included). This is a low temperature electric tool for drawing, painting and graphical work with molten Encaustic Art wax colors. The stylus includes one stylus unit and two hotbrushes.

Everyone can express themselves using the Encaustic Art wax color process. It is not difficult to play with these colors and discover wonderful results, often in just a few moves of the iron. Whether you are a novice to 2 dimensional artwork or an experienced painter and color user, there are fascinating qualities to molten wax. It is a reworkable unfreezable paint - just touch it at any time with the iron and it comes back to life. Change is always possible, yet it is finished as soon as it cools.

Melt wax color onto the iron then smooth it onto the card to create and instant sky. Smooth on the horizon and landscape color, then dab to form foliage effects, use the iron's edge for grasses and the tip for birds and flowers. Ten seconds to cool, finally polish with a soft tissue. Just Magical.