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Fantasy Art, Manga & Creativity Course (Adults 18+)

Fantasy Art, Manga & Creativity Course (Adults 18+)

Art Academy, Mosta

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The urge to make art that is imaginative and exciting is what this 'Fantasy Art & Creativity Course' is all about. Exploring the realm of the mind with fantasy images is creativity at its very best and these art lessons will allow you to explore the materials, techniques, and processes of fantasy artists. 

Fantasy pictures are not just ways to learn how to draw cartoon characters or how to draw a mermaid or how to draw a dragon. Of course, that is part of it! But mostly fantasy images are about rendering the world in a way that is relatable but “out of this world” at the same time.

The Fantasy Art & Creativity Course for Adults is carried out in small groups. Art Academy is fully air-conditioned and is equipped with televisions, projectors and sound system.

The Fantasy Art & Creativity Course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to materials, shading, basic shapes and line
  • Perspective and foreshortening to create depth and distance
  • Basic human figure and anatomy including distortion
  • Introduction to the styles of character creation, including manga and the various styles of manga
  • Introduction to creativity - doodling, sketching, idea generation
  • Action drawing
  • Drawing landscapes, creative creatures, architecture and more
  • Character development: designing a hero, villain, dragon or fantasy creature of choice
  • Conceptual final work
This course is suitable for students who already have a basic knowledge of drawing and have attended art lessons in the past. The course is not suitable for a total beginner. 
Course Details
  • Mode of Study: Once weekly (2 hours per lesson)
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Location: Art Academy Mosta (131 Constitution Street, Mosta, Malta)
  • What’s Included: Hands-on teaching, Powerpoint Presentations, Handouts, individual attention.
  • Certification: Upon attendance of 80% of the Course, students will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance and will be accredited for their Informal Learning and given a signed and stamped form for their Informal Education by the Institute.

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