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Creaform Modelling Set - Take forms of hands etc

Creaform Modelling Set - Take forms of hands etc


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This powdery casting paste has a biological basis and dries very quickly. It's also called quick-casting paste and hardens within 8-10 minutes after it is mixed (mixing ratio: 3 parts waters and 1 part creaform). The finished forms can be cast with all ceramic pasts, polyster casting wood, rlied and pixture wax, Creativ Soap etc. The quick-casting paste is quite suited to cast almost any objects such as reliefs, figures, part forms of faces, prototyes, wood cuttings, fossils.

Creaform consists exclusively of natural components. It is pH neutral and thus ideal as a body casting paste to duplicate hands, feet etc. 

Content of thius package:

1 Pack Creaform 450g (sufficient for 2 adults hands)

1 Package Artestone 1000g

1 Reproduction Tin for Creaform reproductions

1 instruction sheet