Silcoform HV - High Viscosity Casting Paste 1000g

Silcoform HV - High Viscosity Casting Paste 1000g

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A thick, non-dripping RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) casting paste with a high casting precision, which dries quickly. Ideal to duplicate ceiling and wall reliefs made of stucco or wood, vertical surfaces made of stone, marble, ceramic or metal, as well as restricted surfaces such as a statue's face made of porcelain, clay, metal, wax, wood etc. 

Silicoform HV is ready to use immediately to form flat form parts without a form-casting container so you can make a negative form within 10-15 minutes. This forming paste is viscous. Its vicosity can be altered at will. Simply mix with Cilcolan NV (mixture up to 50:50) to attain a drip-free but yet pourable form casting paste to work with. Mix Silicoform HV with 1.5-2% Silicon-Vulcanizer. Dries firm and sturdy in a few minutes. The finished forms are quite sturdy and are suited for all casting pastes, plaster, cement, polyester resin, wax, ceramic pastes, plaster, cement, polyster resin, wax, ceramic casting pastes, glycerin soap etc. 


980g Silicon

20g Vulcanizer