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Silcolan NV - Low-Viscosity Casting Paste 1000g


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A universal, low viscosity RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) casting paste - free-flowing and spreadable - to make one or multi-part negative forms such as reliefs, technical form pieces, figures, objects of use etc make of plaster, metal, glass, cement, modeling paste, plastic etc. 

Silcolan NV has excellent free-flowing characteristics, deaerates itself so you can create forms, which are quite resistant to tear and can be duplicated precisely. You can caste ceramic casting pastes, polyester resin, wax, casting soap, cement, plaster etc in these forms. 

Mix Silcolan NV with 1.5-2.5% vulcanizer. It hardens within 2-5 hours to a medium-soft, rubbery form and is then ready to use. You can make well over 100 duplicates in this form.