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Silcoval MVE - Low Viscosity Tear Resistant Casting Paste 1000g - Art Academy Direct

Silcoval MVE - Low Viscosity Tear Resistant Casting Paste 1000g


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Multipurpose Silicone Rubber Compound, thickening by condensation, castable, of medium elasticity and with high tear resistance. It is well suited for making complicated, one or multipart negative moulds, that will allow a quick and secure casting of decoration candles, figures, precision parts, artist's reliefs and precious figures. Silcoval MVE is also suitable for the making of coat moulds. It needs then to be thickened with Thixo Thickening Pwder (75965) until it can be worked like putty.

Silcoval MVE cures within 90 to 150 minutes by adding 2% silicone Thickener (time depends on the surrounding and on the material temperature) forming a flexible, bendable and tear proof mould that will be suited for being casted with all kind of common casting slips: plaster, concrete, ceramic casting compounds, polyester (casting and carving wood), polyurethan casting resins, relief and candle wax and casting soap.


980g Silcoval MVE

20g Silicon-Vernetzer