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Silicone Compound Kit 300g - Art Academy Direct

Silicone Compound Kit 300g


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Mold construction Plasticine from 2 components of silicone

Silicon Compound - This two-component compound is ideal for fast mold making. A fully functional form can be created within minutes. Silicone Compound can be applied on almost any substrate without application of a release agent. This makes it suitable for a very versatile use for the molding of objects. Due to the consistency as plasticine the creation of a mold casting box is not necessary. The two components must only be mixed, after a few minutes the mass has hardened, no further accessories are required. Larger shapes can easily be produced in several steps. The ready-to-use form can be applied immediately with all conventional casting compounds, such as artestone, polyester casting resins, Wax, soap, plaster, cement, ceramic casting compounds and many more. Are poured out.

Item details:

  • Kneadable silicone mold making plastic
  • One component in white, the other in brown
  • Odorless
  • Pot life 40-60 seconds
  • Curing time: 40-60 seconds
  • Shore hardness A after 8 days DIN 53505 / ISO 868 value 40
  • Skin compatibility pH value 5-6 skin-neutral
  • Creartec Artidee 60 445
  • 2 x 150 g components