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Siliconeform Separating Cream

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In the production of multi-part silicone molds, it must be ensured that, when the first finished mold half is covered with liquid silicone, it does not combine with the new mold half. Therefore, the upper side of the mold is thinly coated with silicone mold release cream, thereby preventing mutual sticking of the two mold parts.

This separation protection is also applicable on gypsum parts, which is why they are also coated with it. If the plaster surface has a finely structured surface, the separating cream should be applied thinly. The microfine cream layer is then sufficient as separation protection. To make the separating cream: Remove the lid from the bottle and place it in a container filled with hot water for a few minutes. The release agent, which is produced on the basis of a high-quality vaseline, can then be easily removed again with hot soapy water or silicone remover of gypsum and silicone parts.