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Universal Spray Glue/Adhesive

Universal Spray Glue/Adhesive

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Quick-sticking spray adhesive that is sprayed on smooth and uneven base surfaces. Then on top of this, objects made out paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, textiles, polystyrene, cork, etc. can be placed and firmly glued. It is also suited for decorative parts made out of felt, vinyl, rubber, foam rubber and thin veneers.

Not suitable for foils, soft PVC, leather and imitation leather.

Colouring: Transparent adhesive dries colourless.

Scope of Application: Bonds onto uneven base surfaces firmly. Also on large surfaces,

Adhesive Substance: Contains copolymer, acrylic acid esters and additives, (solvent-free).

Curing: The adhesive is applied to the adhesive surface and is immediately reactive. It does not require any airing time. Gluing objects can placed on it immediately and are firmly attached.

Available in 200ml and 300ml