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Pebeo Ultimate Pouring Medium


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Innovation from collaboration between artist Nancy Wood and Pébéo. This 2-part medium allows artists and amateurs to master unique effects. Guaranteed results and professional finish accessible to all.

This is an introduction on how to use Ultimate Pouring Medium, for complete and visual instructions please take the master class video by Nancy Wood included.


ln a large cup prepare a mixture of approximately 85% to 90% medium (product A) and 10 to 15% of the acrylic colour selected to comprise the background of the creation. Mix thoroughly for several minutes to completely remove lumps for a smooth consistency.


ln different cups, repeat the same operation with the same proportion for the other acrylic colours you chose to put on top of the background colour.

Studio Acrylics from Pébéo is recommended. The proportion between medium and acrylic paint may vary depending on the fluidity of the acrylic used. Add a few drops of water if needed to obtain the desired fluid texture.


ln a very small cup prepare a mixture of approximately 50% catalyst (product B), 25% water and 25% of the acrylic colour selected to create the cell and lace effects. Only a small amount of this mixture is needed for the creation. Mix thoroughly.


Pour the background colour (step 1) onto a rigid painting surface and tip the surface in various directions to completely cover it. Add puddles of the accent colours (step 2) onto the background one on top of another or next to each other. Coat the blade of a painting knife with the catalyst mixture (step 3) and gently pass it across the surface of the puddles of colour to form lacy and cellular patterns. Clean the palette knife after each swipe and reapply coloured catalyst to the blade. Continue forming new shapes with the palette knife and catalyst until you are happy with the composition.

5. DRY

Allow a minimum of 2 days to dry.