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Wooden Treasure Box - Art Academy Direct

Wooden Treasure Box

Art Academy Product

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Stash your treasures! And kids will have a fantastic time decorating these solid wooden boxes with Colorations® Activity Paint, glitter, collage materials and more! Set of 12; measures 9,8 cm L x 5,9 cm H x 6,2 cm W each.

*Children can have their own keepsake!
*Give as gifts to family members and friends! Use for party favors!
*Decorate with gemstones, foam or felt shapes, shells, fabric flowers and more!
*Hinged lids for easy opening and closing!

An arts and crafts project that will unlock imaginations and encourage lots of creativity! And working on art projects helps kids develop a variety of social skills including sharing and helping others!

*Painting and using other art materials builds fine motor skills!
*Targets Curriculum Area for Cognitive Development: Creative Expression and Appreciation for the Arts