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How to Use the Golden Artist Virtual Paint Mixer – Art Academy Direct
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How to Use the Golden Artist Virtual Paint Mixer

The Golden Artist Virtual Paint Mixer is a universal tool, perfect for all artists that need to mix colours. It can be used for those artists needing to match a colour, for example when painting a landscape and you can't seem to get the exact colour of the sky. You could also be experimenting with different paint mixtures and you want to plan your colours before buying your paint.

Here is a simple guide on how to use the Golden Artist Virtual Paint Mixer:

Step 1:


Choose the image you want to colour match. Make sure the image is clear. Open the following link on the Golden Artist Colours website:

Select the Image Option.

Step 2:

Click 'Choose File' in order to add your image.

Step 3:

Select the area on the image that you wish to discover the colour. The Virtual Paint Mixer will create a combination of Golden Artist Colours in order to create your chosen colour.

Step 4:

All the colours required to mix your chosen colour will be displayed, with the volume ratio of each colour. In the case of the chosen painting, in order to create the colour a ratio of 1 gram of Pyrrole Orange and 3 grams of Pyrrole Red Light is needed. The plus and minus near each colour can be used to increase or decrease the amount of each colour. This helps in order to visualise the mix of paint, without physically mixing the paint.