Easel Rental – Art Academy Direct
FREE Delivery to Malta & Gozo when spending over €50 and a Reduced Delivery Fee of €2.50 when spending over €25

Easel Rental

Rental Period  Rental Rate per Easel (inc VAT)
1-5 Working Days €25
1 Weekend €25
1 Week €40
2 Weeks €50
3-4 Weeks €60
4 Weeks €70

Terms of Agreement

Pre-booking Dates for Easel Rental Deposit

The rental fee is to be paid in full immediately upon pick-up or delivery of the easels. 

Refundable Deposit in Case of Damages or Loss

Apart from the rental fee, a refundable fee of €70 per easel is required upon picking up the easels. All returned easels are inspected. If damaged, you will be responsible for the costs and thus the security deposit will not be refunded. Our goal is to maintain enough easels to be used for multiple events. If items are lost/ damaged you will be responsible for the easels.

  • When renting between 1-4 easels a refundable fee of €70 per easel is required
  • When renting between 5-10 easels a total refundable fee of €250 is required
  • When renting more than 10 easels a total refundable fee of €400 will be required

Pick-up and Drop-off

It is necessary that the easels are returned by the agreed drop-off date. If the drop-off date is exceeded, a charge of €7 per day per easel will be incurred.

Delivery Options

  • Option 1: Pick-up and Drop-off from Art Academy in Mosta - There are no fees charged, and all easels are to be picked up one day before the event dates and one day after. All dates are specified upon booking by Art Academy.
  • Option 2: Delivery (both ways) - We provide the option of delivery of easels to the location at ground floor level and from the location back to Art Academy in Malta only. Bookings for delivery need to be confirmed at least 5 working days in advance. For the price of delivery of easels please contact us on info@artacademydirect.com for a quote.