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Brush Set Synthetic Mix Short Handle x 8 pcs


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Pébéo's brushes are made of gold polyamide, a fine synthetic fibre suitable for all types of work on all surfaces. The soft, flexible bristles provide even colour application and are suitable for fluid paints such as acrylics. Traces are thus reduced. Good resistance to wear and tear.
The entire range is designed for both professional artists and amateurs.
The short handle made of FSC(c) certified wood is generally intended for seated work, close to the support, and offers good handling and comfort.

- Round: modelling of shapes, details, reworking, finishing.
- Flat: solid colouring, backgrounds, lines, placement of material and masses.
- Tracer: fine details, precision work.
- Bevelled: solid colouring, lines, angles, small spaces.
- Fan: fades, gradients, blending.
- Filbert: rounded shapes, fades, glazing.