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Artist Acrylic Ink 30ml

Artist Acrylic Ink 30ml


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  • Acrylic Artists Ink has been formulated with artist pigments, chosen for their permanence, maximum stability and degree of light fastness, dispersed in an 100% acrylic emulsion with a viscosity of 40-200 cPs.

  • The colors are very fluid, and dry to a matte, permanent finish. Acrylic Ink can be applied with an airbrush, brush, and technical pen; the colors are used with rubber stamps and markers, and are the perfect medium for dripping-pouring techniques, for calligraphy, and for stenciling, printing and painting on textiles.

  • The inks are acid free and are ideal for scrapbooking and retouching photographs; all the colors dry waterproof, do not yellow, resist ultraviolet light, and can be mixed and combined with our mediums and textures, or diluted with water to obtain watercolor effects. 

    Available in 30 ml glass containers with pipette