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Air-Drying Modelling Clay (Plus) - Terracotta

Air-Drying Modelling Clay (Plus) - Terracotta


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PLUS® is natural self-hardening clay. No firing is necessary, achieving high hardness, strength, and solidity after drying. Once dry, the clay can be painted with any type of paint or varnish. It can be also polished, carved or drilled.

Recommended for handicrafts and professional crafts, as well as children's use (4+).

PLUS clay has a soft, pleasant and fine texture to the touch. Its natural clay composition gives it excellent plasticity for modelling making very fine details. Can also be thrown on a potter's wheel. Odorless and does not stain. Clay residue can be easily removed from any surface with a damp cloth. The presence of natural cellulose fibers allows safe drying without cracks or fissures, even in large pieces.

Conforms to European EN-71 and USA (AP non-toxic product) regulations. Does not contain food allergens.