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Anti-Oxidations Spray 300ml


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The silicone-containing antioxidant of ARTIDEE® is sprayed as a thin protective film on the oxidized objects. The objects covered with it are carefully polished with a soft woolen cloth or a brush after drying, depending on the surface. This creates a fully effective surface protection that is resistant to further oxidation.

  • Material consumption: 30-40 g / m2
  • 300 ml spray can
  • Weather and weather resistant
  • Effective surface protection
  • Resistant to further oxidation

The ARTIDEE® antioxidant should be applied constantly, approximately every 6 months. As a result, the appearance of the objects treated with it is fully preserved and is therefore also resistant to all other environmental influences. The application gives the parts a semi-gloss, natural-looking surface finish.

The ARTIDEE® antioxidant is supplied in a practical 300 ml spray can.