Candle Glass Star 10.8x10.5x6.5cm – Art Academy Direct
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Candle Glass Star 10.8x10.5x6.5cm

Candle Glass Star 10.8x10.5x6.5cm

Rico Design

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Candles in a glass not only look great, they are also super practical and a nice gift idea. With the candle glasses, even poured candles in the glass become a creative DIY project. For the homemade candle in a glass, the liquid candle wax is poured directly into the appropriate glass. When designing the glasses, there are countless ways to creatively work out the candles. For subtle decorations, the wax is used pure or colored in any color. Groups of differently colored candles in a glass are particularly pretty. For colored glasses, the colors in one glass can be combined to create colored layered candles. To do this, several layers are poured individually and left to dry before the next layer is poured on in a new colour. For additional highlights, e.g Dried flowers or pressed flowers can be poured. Or the glasses can be painted or pasted on the outside as desired. Candle glasses have the advantage that the wax does not run when burning. This way the candle lasts longer and the glasses can also be used again and again for new candle projects.

  • high-quality star-shaped candle glass
  • for pouring the candles directly into the glass
  • for creative candles in glass with colored wax, layered candles and many other design options
  • Size: 10.8*10.5*6.5cm