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Ceramic Paints Exploration Set of 12 x 20ml


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Opaque and very bright, alkyd oil-based colours (lacquer finish), ideal for decorating ceramics. Can be used on terracotta, wood metal and even canvas. Very good lightfastness. Mixable with each other.

  • Drying: 2 hours to the touch. Completely dry after 10 hours. Drying time may vary depending on the thickness of the application and the temperature and humidity of the room where the product is applied.
  • Thinner: Odourless Mineral Spirit or white spirit can be used.
  • Caring (decorated surface): after drying, the colours are resistant to scratching and washing incold water without soaking. Resistant to window cleaner. The objects decorated with Ceramic colours should not be considered for everyday use or be in contact with food. Ceramic is intended for decorative purposes only.

Set contains 12 colors: Antique White, Light Yellow, Orange, Cherry Red, Cyclamen, Mauve, Turquoise, Lavender, Green, Chamois, Black, Precious Gold.