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Colorex Manga Kit – Art Academy Direct
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Colorex Manga Kit

Colorex Manga Kit


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Kit with material and tips on Learning the art of manga, comprising 4 Colorex 20 ml bottles, 4 Colorex markers, and a selection of essential accessories. 

Colorex is a dye based 'watercolour ink' that can either provide a brilliant, opaque colour or can be diluted with water for a more delicate wash of colour, much like a watercolour paint.

The highly concentrated Colorex brilliant watercolour ink withstands heavy dilution in water. Pure or diluted, it can be applied with different tools: airbrush, brush, pen etc. and on various surfaces such as paper, Bristol board and canvas boards. The totally opaque white, brightens the different colours and lets you extend the range to use with pastels. 

Like all inks, Colorex is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. To avoid the excessive fading of colour over time, illustrations can be protected using a UV absorbent varnish. 

Due to the opacity of the colour when undiluted, it can be used on dark paper to great effect. Also suitable for dip pens and quills for use in calligraphy.

Bottles include a dropper in the lid, for easy and clean application.

Set includes:
  • 4x Colorex Marker (Light yellow, Turkish red, Turquoise blue, Spring green)
  • 4x Colorex 20ml (Carmine, Cosmos blue, Pink beige, Sepia)
  • 1x Master class video with Kiaraka
  • 1x Water brush
  • 1x 0,2mm Fine black marker