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Colorex Watercolour Ink Marker Set of 12

Colorex Watercolour Ink Marker Set of 12


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Colorex watercolour ink-based refillable markers. Transparent colours, dye-based, extremely vivid colours which can be mixed together and diluted with water. A brush tip that is ideal for illustration, design, bullet journaling and modern calligraphy. Innovative, easy, fast and clean refill system directly using Colorex bottles.

Composition: Light yellow, Orange, Turkish red, Violet, Ultramarine blue, Turquoise blue, Spring green, Pink beige, Raw sienna, Payne's grey, Ivory black, Fluorescent pink

Colorex ink in a bottle can be used pure or diluted with different tools: brush, watercolour brush pen, airbrush, quill and as a refill for Colorex Markers.

The Colorex range can be applied to different surfaces: ideally on watercolour paper, other types of paper, bristol paper, and cardboard

To preserve the intensity of the colours, protect your drawings with the Pébéo anti-UV varnish especially recommended for the Colorex range.

Instructions to Refill

The Colorex markers can be refilled directly with the pipette of the 45ml Colorex bottles (patent pending no. FR21/12005):

1. Take a dropper of Colorex ink
2. Directly fill the dropper in the marker through the black valve. Full load = 5 droppers. If necessary, wipe away any excess ink around the valve. Wait a few minutes for it to soak in
3. The marker is ready to use
4. After use, replace the cap tightly to prevent the nib from drying out, and store the marker horizontally

The Colorex marker can be refilled with the 56 colours of the Colorex color chart. White and rich gold, pale gold and silver metallic colours are not compatible due to their pigment composition.

To prolong the use of Colorex markers, you can change the nib using the bag of refill nibs available.

1. Remove the used tip using the tool's pliers
2. Place the new tip into the tool's cavity
3. Push the tip into the marker until the tool stops