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Eli-Glow PhotoLuminescent Pigment, 100g – Art Academy Direct
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Eli-Glow PhotoLuminescent Pigment, 100g

Eli-Glow PhotoLuminescent Pigment, 100g


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Eli-Glow Photo Luminescent pigment powders use the latest technology to create stunning artwork and decorative effects. This material represents cutting edge technology in zero energy, self sustaining light sources.

These amazing pigments are available in a fine powder form which are easily mixed into our clear artwork resins. They can be added to the resin or sprinkled over the surface and sealed in place. By day the powder crystals absorb UV light and after dark they release energy in the form of a long lasting ambient glow.

  • Available in Cobalt Blue, Green, Aquamarine Blue and Violet
  • Two pack sizes - 100g or 500g
  • Will glow for up to 8 hours with as little as 30 minutes exposure to daylight
  • Any ambient light nearby will reduce the visibility of the glow

Unlike conventional pigments, photo luminescent fillers are not primary light reflectors, they are actual sources of light. They absorb radiant energy from sunlight or artificial lighting and convert it into longer wavelengths in the visible spectrum, thereby emitting it as light which is displayed through colours.

Eli-Glow is harmless, non toxic, non-hazardous, Eli-Glow pigments will release light for up to 8 hours in darkness and charge up in minutes.

Bulk purchases of larger pack sizes can be made for this product, please contact us for information.


Mix the powder into any non water based binder (Eli-Chem clear resins, PVA glues, clear varnishes, acrylic paints, oil paints, enamel paints, solvent based paints, concrete sealers or inks). A water based version is available, please contact us for more information. The binder must be clear/transparent or light coloured to allow the passage of UV light to activate the Eli-Glow crystals. 

Mix 5% - 10% of the powder into your binder to achieve a general glow colour across the finished article. An application of 5% will appear clear in daylight, 10% will appear cloudy in daylight.


For best results the glow mixture should be applied to a white or light background.