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Extra Fine T7 Gouache Set of 12 x 20ml – Art Academy Direct
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Extra Fine T7 Gouache Set of 12 x 20ml - Art Academy Direct malta

Extra Fine T7 Gouache Set of 12 x 20ml


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Pebeo's T7 Gouache is a very high quality extra fine gouache rich in organic and mineral pigments, its fine creamy consistency is both pliant and adherent, it is suitable for the most delicate work and can be used on many different painting surfaces.

  • Colours: Highly concentrated, opaque with a matt appearance. They can be mixed together.
  • Can be diluted again once dry
  • Dilution: Water, according to the desired intensity
  • Drying: Within several hours according to the dilution and paper weight
  • Cleaning the tools: With water

Rich in pigments, Gouache Extra Fine T7 contains a plasticized vegetable gum that lends the paste flexibility and grip. Light and smooth, T7 can be comfortably worked in different media such as paper, Bristol board or cardboard. The colours maintain their fresh tone and brightness after drying and resist flouring in mixtures and when diluted. Even when applied in overlays, they have a perfect veneer and do not scale. The colours are particularly lightfast, except for the pink lacquer and the purple range, which have a medium resistance.The covering white, specially formulated, can cover the layers of pink without the colours showing through.


Set includes: lemon cadmium yellow, golden cadmium yellow, vermilion red, superfine carmine, dark cobalt blue hue, ultramarine blue, emerald green, light green, yellow ochre, burnt Sienna, black lake and special titanium white.