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Fabric 7A Light Markers - Colours – Art Academy Direct
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Fabric 7A Light Markers - Colours - Art Academy Direct malta

Fabric 7A Light Markers - Colours


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7A Marker is a range of professional quality markers for all creations on light textiles. 7A fabric markers are an easy way to customize and decorate fabrics. Equipped with a 1mm brush tip, they are ideal for fine work on light fabrics. These paint markers are water-based and can be used on most fabrics such as jeans, linen, cotton, knits, jersey, velvet, jacquard, polyester, fiber blends, non-wovens etc.

Marker for light fabrics, 1 mm brush nib, fluorescent violet colour. Fluorescence allows the color to be very bright.

  • Quality: 18 colours, including 6 neon hues. 1mm brush tip to draw, write and facilitate filling flat areas. Professional quality.
  • Surfaces: most previously washed, light-coloured fabrics.
  • Fixing: Iron for 5 minutes, using the cotton without steam setting, on the back of the fabric.
  • Drying: Air-dry for 2 hours. 
  • Caring (decorated surfaces): 48 hours after application, the colours will hold when hand washed and / or machine washed at 40° C.