Formaform - Synthetic Rubber Mould Kit 1250g

Formaform - Synthetic Rubber Mould Kit 1250g

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Formaform is a synthetic, rubbery casting paste, which is heated in a water bath and then used immediately to form objects made of wood, glass, metal, plastic, stone, plaster etc. 

The advantage of this materials is that if your caste figure is a failure you can melt it again and use it for the next form. You can create water-resistant and heat resistant forms in conjunction with Formaform-Thermolan, which can be cast with all casting pastes e.g. plaster, polyester, relief and candle wax, casting soap etc. Formform is built-up on a natural basis; it is self-separating, rubbery, and universally applicable. It can also be used as a stamp paste to make your own stamps. 


800g Formaform Granulato

325g Formaform Liquid

125g Formaform Thermolan