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GOLDEN Pouring Gloss Medium Sets w/ Fluid Acrylics – Art Academy Direct
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GOLDEN Pouring Gloss Medium Sets w/ Fluid Acrylics - Art Academy Direct

GOLDEN Pouring Gloss Medium Sets w/ Fluid Acrylics

Golden Artist Colors

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With a choice of either Gloss or Matte Color Pouring Medium and five Fluid Acrylic colors, these sets are a great starting point for artists. Each set also includes a guide with tips for creating successful pours. Color Pouring Mediums are based on 100% acrylic polymers and used to extend acrylic paints for various pouring techniques. They may be blended with most acrylic paints, although GOLDEN Fluid and High Flow Acrylic paints are most suitable for pouring applications. CPM (Gloss) and (Matte) can be combined to create a range of sheens. Color Pouring Medium (Gloss) dries to a uniform smooth, glossy paint layer; Color Pouring Medium (Matte) dries to a very flat, thin, and smooth layer.

GOLDEN Gloss Pouring Medium Set

Create beautiful glossy pours with GOLDEN Color Pouring Medium Gloss, a leveling, low crazing extender for pouring acrylic colors. The set includes an 8 oz. bottle of Colour Pouring Medium Gloss along with 1 oz. Fluid Acrylic Titanium White, Naphthol Red Light, Primary Yellow, Teal and Primary Cyan.

GOLDEN Color Pouring Medium (Gloss) Features:

  • Resists “Crazing” (formation of crevices or valleys on an acrylic pour surface from uneven drying) better than other acrylic mediums
  • Dries to a glossy, flexible, and level finish with moderate clarity. Note: not intended to be used alone as a clear layer, topcoat or varnish
  • Use as a paint extender for pours or puddles
  • As little as 20:1 medium to paint can be used for color glazes, or increase the paint amount to 3:1 (medium to paint) for more opaque color layers
  • May be applied in wet film thickness up to 1/8” (3 mm)
  • Mixtures should be premixed and allowed to sit overnight before use, and may be stored for future use (in properly labeled, tightly sealed HDPE plastic containers)
  • Color Pouring Medium (Gloss) dries thicker than Color Pouring Medium (Matte)
  • May be used on a variety of painting surfaces that accept acrylic products. Most substrates commonly used by artists are acceptable. Each substrate has unique properties that impact the pour