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How to Draw: Kittens – Art Academy Direct
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How to Draw: Kittens

How to Draw: Kittens


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Choose your new cuddly companion from this collection of 28 cute kittens. 

Best-selling artist Susie Hodge teaches you to transform simple shapes into adorable furry felines in a range of playful poses.

There are 28 different kittens to draw; each project starts with a few basic outlines and progresses into a finished tonal drawing, and a final coloured version shows you how to develop your drawing even further. Perfect for beginners, as well as budding artists, you’ll be amazed how easily you too can bring these friendly furballs to life with this inspiring guide. 

Table of Contents

Cream Tabby Shorthair 5, Tabby and White 6, Domestic Medium Hair 7, Calico 8, Siamese 9, Ragamuffin 10, Domestic Shorthair 11, American Shorthair 12, British Shorthair 13, Orange/Ginger 14, Small Tabby 15, Russian Blue 16, Tabby and White Siberian cross 17, Tabby leaping 18, Tabby waiting 19, British Shorthair sitting 20, Domestic Shorthair sitting up high 21, Burmese 22, Calico with head turned 23, Tabby with a ball 24, Siamese facing front 25, American Shorthair sitting 26, Savannah 27, Bengal 28, Abyssinian 29, Ginger Tabby 30, Norwegian Forest 31, Maine Coon 32