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Idroil Water-mixable Oil (20ml)


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IDROIL water-mixable oil colours avoid the use of traditional solvents (Turpentine, oils, etc) they are perfectly dilutable with water, IDROIL oil colours are authentic oil paints obtaining immediate advantages

- No risk of skin irritation or hypersensitivity
- Tools can simply be cleaned with soap and water 
- Brilliant colours most of which are opaque and resistant to
- Perfect adhesion on all surfaces, even if greasy
- Irreversibility of the colors films, once drying is completed
- No bad odours even with small areas or in poorly
  ventilated areas
- Even if applied in thick layers , IDROIL does not shrink,
  wrinkle or change volume
- Compatibility with oil colours and mediums
- Compatibility with acrylic colours and mediums 
- Compatibility with tempera colours