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Leather Masking Fluid 110ml – Art Academy Direct
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Leather Masking Fluid 110ml

Leather Masking Fluid 110ml


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Peelable drawing gum once dry for defining paint-free areas on leather or synthetic leather, for drawing or writing. Apply in a thick layer.

Drying time varies depending on the thickness of the coating, approximately 30 minutes (you can speed up drying with a hair dryer). The bluish colour helps to identify the masked areas, and darkens when drying. You can apply it directly to the surface and then apply the colour over it, once the gum is dry, or you can draw with the gum over an already applied colour and cover the masking gum with another colour to have a coloured masked area instead of colouring the bare surface. Once dry, simply peel or rub the gum off with your fingers within a maximum of 15 days after application. To obtain clean lines after peeling or rubbing off, it is advisable to apply a thin layer of colour to the dry masking gum. The brush can be cleaned with soapy water.