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Leather Primer & Deglazer 110ml – Art Academy Direct
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Leather Primer & Deglazer 110ml

Leather Primer & Deglazer 110ml


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Auxiliary for priming and degreasing the surface for optimal adhesion of Setacolor Leather colours.
To be used before applying of bottler or marker colours.


  1. Leather Primer & Deglazer - Auxiliary to prepare and degrease the surface, so as to remove the protective varnish that covers it and to degrease it for optimal adhesion of the colours. To be used before applying bottled or marker colours. Soak an absorbent paper towel or cloth with the degreasing agent and rub the surface to be prepared.
  2. Setacolor Leather colours - After preparing the surface, they should be applied in thin, even layers for an even finish. The paint does not leave any traces. The colours are opaque in a maximum of 3 thin layers. Each coat must be left to dry for at least 15 minutes to avoid re-diluting the lower coat ( you can speed up drying with a hair dryer). They can be worked with a brush or airbrush using the range's lightening-thinning auxiliary. The colours can be mixed together and allow for a broader palette and gradations. Depending on the type of leather or imitation leather, the colors can have a more or less matte-satin finish.
  3. Protect your Creation with Matt-satin and gloss varnishes - For optimal and long-lasting results, protective varnishes must be applied to the work. Available in 2 finishes: matt/satin or gloss. The varnish will help to seal the colour perfectly, protecting your creation from rubbing, scratches, wear and tear, and water. They can be applied with a brush, preferably wide and flat for a fully uniform finish, or with an airbrush without prior dilution for a shiny varnish, and mixed 50:50 water and varnish for a matte-satin effect.  The matt-satin varnish must be well mixed before use. It is recommended to wait 24 hours before varnishing. Tip: you can achieve the desired finish by mixing matt-satin and gloss varnishes. For a satin finish, mix 3 parts gloss varnish to 1 part matt-satin varnish.