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Loop Colors, Spray Varnish 400ml (Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor) - Art Academy Direct malta

Loop Colors, Spray Varnish 400ml (Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor)

Loop Colors

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Loopcolors Varnish 400ml Spraycans - 3 gloss variants

Real shine pieces! - with the Loopcolors Varnish Sprays

The Loopcolors Varnish lacquers set the perfect highlight for every occasion. The transparent acrylic lacquers provide the desired finish on every surface - inside and outside. No more yellowing as well as perfect protection against the effects of weather and light. The Loopcolors Varnish Paint is colorless and can be used on any surface. In addition, all spray paints from Loopcolors are fast drying and environmentally friendly - thanks to the absence of lead and CFC elements. The 400ml spray can from Loopcolors is handy and equipped with the self-cleaning valve - easy application guaranteed. The Loopcolors Varnish clear coat is available in 3 gloss variants: VARNISH MATT, VARNISH SATIN, VARNISH GLOSS.