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Making Pinch Pots – Art Academy Direct
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Making Pinch Pots

Making Pinch Pots


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Pinch your pottery! A step-by-step guide to making clay pots.

Everything the maker will need to produce fabulous pinched ceramics is included here, from choosing clay and a style of decoration, to firing and beyond. Fully cross-referenced throughout, there is a wealth of choice and styles to mix and match to make each project truly unique. Whether just starting out with clay or an established maker, the book has something for all.

Filled with an exciting range of projects, explained with step-by-step photography and options for surface decoration, there is something to suit all making preferences from functional wares to the purely decorative and fanciful sculptural works. This book proves that pinching is a way of working equal to all other methods and that it can produce items of refinement and sophistication.

A gallery of makers provides added inspiration and shows the potential of this underrated making method.

Table of Contents

Clays and Equipment
Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain, Paper clays, Clays for specific purpose, List of essential tools, List of desirable tools, Kilns, Kilns for alternative firing methods, Health & safety

Chapter One: Basic Techniques

Pinching a basic shape, Joining pinched sections to make hollow forms, Increasing size
Methods of slip application, Decorative techniques using slip, Mixing glazes, Glaze application, Glaze on glaze techniques with resists, Underglaze colors and ways to work with them, Post firing techniques

Chapter Two: The Projects - Making

Bowls, Plates, Dishes, Teapot, Cups and mugs, Condiment sets, Eggcups, Spoons, Jugs/pitchers, Vases, Tea light
Fruit forms, Pod/Seed head forms, Animal forms for a money box, Bird form

Chapter Three: The Projects - Decorating

Pouring bowl, Large fruit bowl, Dips dish, Vinegar/oil bottle, Eggcups, Fruits/pods, Bird form, Pitcher, Tea light, Mug

Chapter Four: Gallery of Makers

Glossary, Index