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Mini Manga: Weapons & Vehicles – Art Academy Direct
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Mini Manga: Weapons & Vehicles - Art Academy Direct

Mini Manga: Weapons & Vehicles


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A handy-sized book focusing on how to draw Manga weapons and vehicles.

A pocket guide to help you master manga - the exciting genre of Japanese comic-book art that is gaining in popularity all over the world. The basic techniques to master in order to create convincing manga characters, backgrounds and environments are not difficult to learn. In this handy little book, the essentials of drawing manga weapons and vehicles are highlighted and explained, and scores of examples are shown so that anyone can practise and easily create great manga works of art. After a round-up of the tools and materials readers are likely to find most useful, the book provides numerous helpful tips through a mix of step-by-step photographs and finished examples. All examples are drawn from different manga subgenres and include a mix of pencil, inked and coloured illustrations. This book is the ideal visual reference to this exciting genre, and will help anyone who wants to get started in manga to produce successful works of their own.

*Handy pocket-sized reference book for all abilities
*Numerous colourful examples
*Clear and simple step-by-step instructions