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Pebeo Modeling Paste 500ml – Art Academy Direct
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Pebeo Modeling Paste 500ml

Pebeo Modeling Paste 500ml


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Studio Modelling Paste is a ready-to-use paste for creating reliefs and impasto, especially for creating dimensions. It is applied with a painting knife, and may be mixed with colours when moist that will slightly deteriorate it. It retains the imprint of the tool and can be sculpted and painted when dry. After drying, it perfectly retains its volume and does not crack. Much lighter and airier than other modelling pastes.

Ready-to-use for creating texture and thickness. Apply with a knife to keep the tool marks. Can be sculpted, painted and sanded once dry. After drying, it keeps its shape and doesn’t crack. Much lighter and airier than other modelling pastes. Heavier texture than Studio Acrylics High Density Modeling Paste.