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Modellino Modelling Clay Powder 250g


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The Modeling Powder consists of a mixture of high-quality natural materials and after administering water it gives it an almost dry, dough-like modeling compoud which is excellently kneaded and formed.

The wood-like material is suitable for shaping figures, animals, decorative figures, bowls, reliefs and many more. In restorations, holes and cracks in furniture and other wood parts may be filled using a spatula. It has excellent adhesion to wood, chipboard, polystyrene and plasterboard.

The Modeling Powder can be dyed using pigment powder or finished by painting in acrylics once dry. 

Mixing Ratio: 100ml of water + 100g of Modeling Powder (1:1)

The water is filled into a mixing container, the modelling powder is poured into it and both are mixed and kneaded together. The finished modeling paste must then rest for 8 to 12 hours. During this time, the natural fibers are combined with the water, becoming soft and supple.