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Natural Pottery Clay - White (1.5kg to 12.5kg)

Natural Pottery Clay - White (1.5kg to 12.5kg)


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Sio-2 ARGILA is a 100% natural pottery clay. Easy and pleasant to work with. Ideal for modelling, sculpture, and throwing on a potter's wheel.

Suitable for children. It is a very adequate didactic material in the development of manual dexterity and creativity. Recommended for crafts and creative arts, as well as for many other applications where a natural clay is needed.

It is a very pure and finely ground clay. It features excellent plasticity for best performance during modelling. Once the piece is made, it is left to dry in the air. Once dry, it is recommended to fire it in a ceramic kiln between 970 to 1050 degress celsius and decorate with ceramic glazes.

Conforms to European regulation EN-71 and USA (AP non-toxic product) regulations. Does not contain food allergens.