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Silicone Brushes (Singles) - Art Academy Direct malta

Silicone Brushes (Singles)


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Brushes created with silicone material offer plenty of working methods opportunities in various areas such as Fine Arts, cosmetics and also cake design. They’re effective when employed as a shading tool in charcoal and crayons techniques, giving homogeneous and impactful hues; they’re valuable as sculpting and modelling tools of soft and porous materials like clay; furthermore, they’re ideal in shaping and digging pasty and dense paints in order to create suggestive and impactful effects; used in glass decoration they don’t leave any brush stroke traces.

Given their overall softness and elasticity also in contact with skin, as well as, thanks to the ergonomical shapes of this line, caoutchouc turns out to be a valid product also in the cosmetic areas for massages and to lay down muds and lotions on skin.

All available in Size 2 in a variety of shapes