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Pebeo Ready-to-Pour Acrylics 118ml - Art Academy Direct malta

Pebeo Ready-to-Pour Acrylics 118ml


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Pebeo's Pouring Experiences are ready-to-use acrylic paint pre-mixed with a medium for a low viscosity: ideal for multiple paint pouring techniques.

Paint pouring is a simple process of creating free-form abstract creations. Pour colours direct from the bottle on to your surface, or loosely combine together in a container and pour (flip cup technique or dirty pouring). Allow the paint to spread or puddle, tilt the canvas to move the colour, pull with a spatula - or try combining with silicone oil to create cellular patterns. This is a paint perfect for experimenting with endless possibilities of the pouring experience.

Available in 20 fluid, glossy and semi-opaque colours.