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Plastiline, Non-Toxic, Sulphur-Free - Ivory (Up to 5kg) – Art Academy Direct
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Plastiline, Non-Toxic, Sulphur-Free - Ivory (Up to 5kg) - Art Academy Direct malta

Plastiline, Non-Toxic, Sulphur-Free - Ivory (Up to 5kg)


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The Herbin brand, created in 1670 in Paris, is a guarantee of products of exceptional quality. Discover Plastiline, this ready-to-use precision modelling clay!

It keeps its volume and is 100% reusable because it never dries in the air. You can therefore resume your model as many times as necessary. Practical for people wishing to start or improve their modelling

It can be used for research and the creation of models in sculpture, the realisation of decorations and the manufacture of moulds, the restoration of objects of art and decoration, and, in industry, the taking of impressions and the realisation of prototypes.

The flexible plastiline can be worked with the fingers and be used for the preliminary work of shaping.

To smooth it out, use a brush or a cloth soaked in turpentine oil. It can also be softened with your hands, a heat gun or a hair dryer if needed. Just put it in the fridge to harden it again.

The plastiline can be painted with acrylic paints or be covered with a layer of shellac previously diluted in alcohol.

You can work it in 3 forms: as it is (by hand or with a tool), softened in a water bath at a temperature between 30 and 40 °C to work it more easily, liquid (respecting the point of fusion) and stirring well to mix the oils it contains. This operation can be done 5 times maximum without altering its qualities.

Delivered in a tube with the interior covered with parchment paper. Hermetically protected by 2 polypropylene end caps, the plastiline is easily stored. It stays clean and retains all of its qualities.

Made in France