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Porcelain Paint Outliners 20ml - Colours – Art Academy Direct
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Porcelain Paint Outliners 20ml - Colours - Art Academy Direct malta

Porcelain Paint Outliners 20ml - Colours


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Porcelaine 150 outliners are a series of 10 dimensional paints in the line of brilliant, intense colors for use on china, porcelain, tile, metal, ceramic, glass and more. The outliners allow for dimensional effects on the painted surface. They are perfect for highlighting, outlining, tracing, writing and personalizing as well as adding dimension or texture to the piece. The outliners are available in a total of 10 colors including 4 metallic colors. The paint is squeezed from a metal tube and applied through a long, slim nozzle. Gentle pressure is applied to the tube to release paint from the tube. All colors are water based and non-toxic. They are also completely removable until baked in a kitchen oven at 300 F/150 C for 30 minutes. Once baked, colors are both translucent and opaque and have a superb enameled look and the paint is permanent, microwave and dishwasher safe as well as UV and solvent resistant.