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Sketching for the Absolute Beginner – Art Academy Direct
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Sketching for the Absolute Beginner


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From the author of the best-selling art book, Pure Watercolour Painting and guest judge on Channel 5's Watercolour Challenge, Peter Cronin.

Sketching is more than just drawing quickly. It is training your eye and hand to work together, to respond immediately and naturally to the scene before you. 

Starting from a clear, simple method to bring all the senses into play, successful author and acclaimed artist Peter Cronin shows the reader how to bring artistry and economy to their sketching; making for swift and impressive results. Whether sketching as the basis for painting, or simply for pleasure, this book teaches the reader all they need to know.

Numerous simple step-by-step exercises as well as larger projects lead the complete beginner through the book, building towards more complex and rewarding artworks. The book teaches how to sketch with a range of media, starting from graphite pencil and including information and exercises on charcoal, pen and ink and others. 

In the best-selling Absolute Beginner series, this book is suitable for absolutely everybody who wants to take their sketching skills further and become an accomplished artist. 

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Materials 8
The eye, the hand and the heart 18
Making a start 22
Farm in Sunlight step-by-step 28
Seeing the world 30
Harbour Scene step-by-step 46
S.E.T. in action 48
Churchyard Scene step-by-step 56
Types of sketch 60
Beyond the pencil 64
Composition 84
Fixing the Farm step-by-step 92
Handling complex subject matter 98
Boat Sheds step-by-step 138
Afterword 142
Index 144