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Soy Wax Chips 250g

Soy Wax Chips 250g

Art Academy Direct

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Material: Soy Wax (100% Hydrogenated vegetable oil without mineral wax)

Quantity: 250 Grams

Appearance: White Flakes, Acid value: 0.9 Max, Melting Point: 42-54 Celsius, Moisture: 0.05 Max, Peroxide Value: 3.9 max

These soy wax pellets can be used not just in candle making, but also for other purposes, such as surfaces waxing as a polish for a skateboard, surfboard, pieces of furniture, etc

Completely unscented, fragrance-free wax is great for sensitive skin and noses and is hypoallergenic for non-irritating paraffin wax treatments.

To make your own candle, warm the paraffin to 140 °F (60 °C), add up to 0.5 oz of any fragrance or essential oil, pour the mass into the previously greased mould, let it cool, refill the mould with more hot paraffin if a void appeared.