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Standard 100% Cotton Canvas | Deep-Edge (3D) - Art Academy Direct malta

Standard 100% Cotton Canvas | Deep-Edge (3D)


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The MUSEO Green Leafs Deep Edge (3D) Canvas is made by hand, consists of 100% high-quality cotton and is primed with 3 layers of gesso. Due to the raised edge, your painting comes off the wall for a beautiful 3D depth effect.

The canvas has been specially developed for artists who prefer cotton fabric. The canvas is fastened with staples to the back of a sturdy wooden stretcher. Paint the sides in the same way and include them in your canvas painting.

The supplied hardwood skewers/wedges can be used to correct the fabric tension and then re-tension the fabric. The canvas is great to use for techniques with acrylic paint, gouache/tempera and oil paint. Available in different sizes.

  • 100% Chinese cotton
  • Weight: 420g/m2
  • Slat thickness: 38 mm
  • Stretcher made of sturdy wood
  • Available in various sizes