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Stroke & Coat® Fundamentals Underglazes 59ml – Art Academy Direct
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Stroke & Coat® Fundamentals Underglazes 59ml


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Underglazes were the first product line Mayco produced in 1954 and continues to be a staple for many ceramic artists. Mayco Fundamentals® Underglazes are highly versatile – use for complete coverage or in design, apply to clay or bisque –  with a broad firing range of cone 06 to cone 10. Fundamentals® Underglazes serve equally well for the student making their first pinch pot and the clay artist creating works for a gallery.

How to Use

Shake well. Apply 2-3 coats to wet clay, greenware, or cone 04 bisque for use in design or solid coverage. Fundamentals® have a firing range from cone 06 to cone 10. If the form you are painting has texture, dab excess color out of the texture, and never allow the glaze to pool in the texture. To intensify color or for use on dinnerware, apply a clear or matte clear glaze. For use on clay or greenware, apply underglaze, allow to dry, and fire to cone 04. If desired, apply clear glaze and re-fire to cones 06-05 for earthenware and cone 5-10 for stoneware (998°C–1285°C). For use on bisque, apply to cone 04 bisque, apply clear glaze if desired and re-fire earthenware to cone 06/05 and cone 5-10 for stoneware. Generally, a clear glaze finish is applied to bring out the true color and vividness of the product. We recommend S-2101 Clear for low-fire and SW-001 Stoneware Clear Glaze unless noted SW-004 Zinc-Free Clear for mid-range.

Fundamentals® Underglazes have been formulated to mature at cone 06/05. However, most will maintain their color at higher temperatures. Their performance at cone 6 is noted on each individual product label. We recommend testing on your clay body and in your kiln prior to use.

Product Features

Matte Finish: Fundamentals® Underglazes will fire matte without addition of a clear glaze. To intensify color or for use on dinnerware, apply clear or matte clear glaze. To create depth and contrast, combine the matte finish of Fundamentals® with a glossy glaze such as Stroke & Coat®.

Blendable and Intermixable: Mix colors to create something new; use brushstrokes to blend colors and create shading; layer them without concern of intermixing – great for Majolica – add thin lines and details with confidence as Fundamentals® will NOT move.

Apply to Wet Clay:  Apply Fundamentals® Underglazes directly to wet or leather-hard clay and fire to cone 04. Even on red clay, colors retain their vibrancy.

Watercolour Style: For a more traditional and painterly approach, dilute underglazes with water to create a thinned watercolor-like glaze. Use these tints to layer for seamless blending.

Painterly Properties: Much like using oil or watercolor, Fundamentals® Underglazes can be used to create a life-like portrait or landscape,. Use rendering, shading, blending and other painting techniques to add dimension and a sense of realism to your work.

Glaze Sgraffito: ”To scratch” in Italian, sgraffito is produced by applying layers of Fundamentals® and carving through the glaze to create depth and add contrast to your designs. An impactful and dramatic way to use Fundamentals® on your ceramics or clay surface.

All Over Coverage or In Design: Fundamentals® can be used for delicate designs or all over coverage. Create variation by leaving some areas matte and others glossy with clear glaze.

Co-Fire with Clear: Fundamentals® can be co-fired with clear glaze in a single firing. This time-saver can be valuable for those in a classroom setting. Out-gassing can trap bubbles or create craters – adding a 15 minute hold will fix most surface issues.